Add Affected User to AAW Requests using Orchestrator Runbooks or PowerShell

As some of you may know, the requests generated in Service Manager through the Application Approval Workflow (AAW) Solution Accelerator do not set the Affected User in the Request.

I’ve recently implemented the solution for one of my customers and it was requested that users submitting these application requests be able to view them from the Service Manager Self-Service Portal (SSP).

However without the Affected User relationship being defined with the work item, the only place to view the application request status is by going to “My Requests” in the Application Catalog page from ConfigMgr. I was tasked with setting the “Created By” user as the “Affected User” so that when an application is requested, it will show up in their My Requests section of the SSP.

After some research, it was fairly difficult to find any in-depth documentation on how this may be performed. So, it was up to me to get it done.

Subsequently, I was able to create a PowerShell script, and an Orchestrator Runbook.

Below is a link to my SkyDrive for downloading the files. Please use and comment if there are any suggested modifications/ changes.

The script requires the SCSM PowerShell Cmdlets (SMLets). They can be found at


Download Files Here


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