Hello world!

My name is Phil Pritchett; I am currently a Managing Consultant at one of the top Cloud Solutions partners for Microsoft. Though I may have extensive knowledge and expertise across several areas within IT, my focus has been upon Microsoft Technologies (specifically System Center, Operating System Deployment, and Desktop Management). I don’t profess to be an expert who knows everything there is, I am merely an avid technology geek like many of you who wants to share my findings so that others may benefit.

My career started many years ago when I was working as private security for Paul Allen. One evening during a Blazers vs. Bulls game, I happened to be getting a few laughs with some coworkers at the expense of Mr. Gates. Like those funny stories we always read about or see in TV sitcoms, guess who was standing behind me and listening to the whole thing? Yup, you guessed it….Bill Gates himself…

After some quick apologies, I soon realized that he did in fact have a good sense of humor as he threw some “rent-a-cop” remarks my direction. We had a few chuckles as we walked toward the locker room, then I asked him for a little career advice because computers and technology were always a hobby for me.

It’s been years since then, so the words may have been different but the meaning is the same…

“Technology is the future of our world. If you intend to make a mark on it (the world), then do it now. Don’t wait, because someone else may be waiting for you to inspire them to do the same. Besides, why not get paid for something that you love?”

So, here I am 20+/- years blogging and rambling online. My intent is to chronicle my journey, help others with technology concerns, and hopefully inspire people to follow the path that is right for them through this mentally and emotionally charged world of technology and consulting.

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